Why reinvent the wheel?

As teachers we are all busy, so often times I hear that it is difficult to find time to incorporate new technology or lessons into the classroom.  My motto is, “Why reinvent the wheel.” Here is a great example of saving time and using someone else’s road tested lessons.  Thinkfinity is a website sponsored by Verizon with thousand (yes, literally thousands) of awesome lesson plans.   Verizon and Thinkfinity partner with organizations such as National Geographic, Science Net Links, EconEdLink, Read Write Think, Literacy Network, Arts Edge, Smithsonian’s History Explorer, Illuminations, EdSiteMent, Partnership for 21st Century Skills, NEA, and others.  I encourage you to spend just a little bit of time – I know you will quickly find something you can easily integrate into your classroom. 



2 thoughts on “Why reinvent the wheel?

  1. Thinkfinity is a great website. It is an amazing resource for all subjects, but even better yet, it is very user friendly!

  2. I was so glad that Thinkfinity partnered with Read, Write, Think. There are so many awesome teacher resources on the website, and Thinkfinity made it even easier to use!

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