A little of this, a little of that

This week I wanted to do a little something for the elementary folks and a little something for the middle/high folks. 

Starting with the primary grades, I have to think Gena for refreshing my memory about this website – abcya! is where education and technology meet.  There are a ton of cool educational games for K-5 students.  There are some ads that scroll along the side of the page; so if you use this website on your SMARTBoard you may want to use the spotlight feature to hide the ads.  I definitely think this is ‘must add’ to your teacher website!

Middle and High School folks – don’t think I forgot about you. I added a new page just for you (ok, and everyone else) on my blog. There is now a link called, “Quick Reads for Busy Teachers” here I have started to add some great quick reads about incorporating technology into your classroom.  If you haven’t checked out the article called, “A New Way to Lecture” you definitely should.

1 thought on “A little of this, a little of that

  1. Like the look of some of the online power point types of programs. I like that students can colaborate with each other and that they don’t have to have PPT on their own machines. Will this be the end of having to have these programs??? Interesting idea. The reviews are cool. Perhaps I should connect you with my students wiki who are reviewing photo editing programs online. Keep sending us the info. I can wait to use my Smart board (if I get one) for next year.

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