Bringing it back…

Today I want to bring back a website that many of you may know about but I think it is so fabulous I want to refresh your memory.   Wallwisher is a website that you pose a question and others respond on “sticky notes” on the page.  Participants can even add photos or videos to their sticky notes.  The thing that I love about this website is that all sticky notes have to be approved.  These sticky notes can then be moved around and organized in a variety of ways.  I immediate thought this would be great on the SMARTBoard and a cool way for students to respond to a topic.  The students are given the website and no login on their part is required.  As a teacher all you need to do is register… for free! Give it a try in your class and let me know what you think. Make sure to click “like” below if you love this as much as I do. Enjoy!


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