Free Video Clips

Today I want to share with you a free video clip resource.  Teacher’s Domain has thousands of media resources, lesson plans, and professional learning communities for teachers to access.  The only thing you need to do is create a username and login, then off you go!  They feature videos from places like Nova, Frontline, Between the Lions, American Experience, and Nature.  On the homepage you can easily navigate to all subject areas and drill down to specific topics or use the search option to look for a topic.  These short clips will provide some additional reinforcement for students in your classroom.

The other resource that is available to us in the state of Wisconsin is the ECB Videolink offered through Badgerlink.  They have collections of videos clips that have previously been aired for you to stream or download. I think this site is a little more tedious to navigate than Teacher’s Domain, but offers some other choices.  I would recommend using the advanced search right off the bat and limiting your search in the Media section to visual materials and then using a keyword search (see below).

Or to make it a little easier on instead of clicking on the direct link above you need to authenticate first through the BadgerLink system. This can be done from the BadgerLink page (go to BadgerLink – , scroll down to ECB VideoLink, Click on Browse by Title) and from the ECB website (  when you click on ECB VideoLink


2 thoughts on “Free Video Clips

  1. I’m very excited about the Teacher’s Domain website. It was very easy to register, and I’ve already found great lesson plans. In fact, I’m using one tomorrow to introduce my debate unit with a more student engaged lesson. Thanks again for the great resource.

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