SMARTBoard Group Generator

This weeks post is thanks to Jenny K.  She stopped me the other day and asked me a question about a feature in the SMARTBoard gallery, the random image group generator.  Holy cow – I never even knew this existed and it is super cool!  In the gallery if you do a search for a random group generator and look in the interactives folder this tool will appear.  There are two options.  Option 1 is the random group generator.  You type in the names of your students and then select how many group you would like.  

Hit the generate button and the groups will be selected for you. 

Oh, but that is not the coolest part… Jenny was asking me about the random group image generator where you can put your students pictures and then create groups.  This is awesome for our early learners! I even tried it out. 

Hit generate and you have groups!

To add the pictures to the generator, I first added the generator to a blank page.  I then created a second blank page and inserted the pictures by going to Insert, then picture file.  I could then take those pictures from page two and drag them onto the generator on page one.  When they are over one of the blank squares, the square will turn yellow and ‘suck in’ the picture. 

So how cool is this!?! You can create this once and save the file, then pull it up whenever you need a group in your classroom.  You can continue to generator all different combinations of groups. Thanks for sharing this Jenny!


7 thoughts on “SMARTBoard Group Generator

  1. Generator-Don’t have the smart board yet….but will put that nugget away….so if i had a group of vocab words…I could generate different groups for students to answer, work with, or define etc??? I think I really need to remember this!

  2. There are a lot of interactives that I don’t know how to work in the gallery…so thanks for this tip. I just did my seating chart using it.

    1. Hi Stephanie – thanks for the comment. I do not believe there is a way to add more “spots” in the generator. You could split your class numbers in half and use 2 different group generators for your large class.

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