A Little Something for Everyone

Today I have a little something for everyone, at least that is my goal. Before I begin though, I need to thank Tracy B for bringing a great resource to my attention (and now to yours!). Super Teacher Tools is a website full of quick and easy technology tools to use.  There are some awesome interactives that would be great on a SMARTBoard and great review games for anyone to use.  Thanks Tracy for sharing!

Also this week, I wanted to bring your attention back to my wiki.  This is conveniently found linked off of our website under Staff Resources or at http://mishicotteachers.pbworks.com/.  I added a couple of new sections in the last week for Language Arts, Social Studies, and Educational Games.  I have found so many great resources that these areas just needed their own place to live.  I will continue to update this wiki as I find more resources.

Finally, thanks for the comments – I personally get a little excited every time one appears and love the discussion I am hearing!


One thought on “A Little Something for Everyone

  1. I LOVE the Sight Words with Sampson. My class will be working on this site next week in computer lab…..also it would be a great word work station during daily 5!!!

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