Now Starring…

This is for all of the SMARTBoard users out there.  If you haven’t discovered the spotlight feature in the notebook software you should check it out.  It can help to focus on one particular part of the screen or website you are using.  You can even tap into your creative side and change the shape and size of the spotlight.  This is a great idea for some of the great websites that have ads flashing all over to distract students. 

To access the spotlight there are a couple of different options –
1.  When the Welcome Center opens, click on Tools, and select spotlight

2.  In the icon tray in the bottom right hand corner, right-click on the SMARTBoard icon, and then select spotlight.

Once the spotlight is open you can change the size by dragging on the blue lines. 

You can also change the shape and transparency by clicking on the grey arrow near the spotlight icon.


The spotlight can be the star of your classroom by highlighting what you want your students to focus on!


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