Qwiki is hands down my new FAVORITE site! I love it and if you stopped in my room this afternoon as I was exploring it you have already checked it out. Ok, maybe I forced you into checking it out… On this website you enter the term, idea, or person you are searching for and the website loads pictures, shows texts, and reads the information about the topic to you.  I think kids and teacher will love this as much as I do.  Check out the Qwiki search I did on Mishicot – I think this will definitely change the way we are search and gather information.

Try it, comment on here, and let us know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Qwiki

  1. Love the idea of this site and great to get some starting information. Did notice that it gives random and perhaps unhelpful information on several places I visited if not somewhat incorrect. So 5 out of five for cool with the reading and pictures but 2 out of five for useful information and accuracy. Sorry!

  2. This is a great site to use for quick review. I was playing a Chinese literature bingo game today in World Literature, and for some of the clues, I used a few of these to give the students some more information on the history, culture, great wall of China, terracotta army, etc. They are short but informative. Great resource…thank you!

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