More Smartboard Resources…

You’ve asked and now I’ll share…

Many people have asked, “What other good sites are out there for SMARTBoard resources besides the SMART Exchange?”  I’ve scoured the web, talked to tech people in my professional networks, and have complied some great websites to check out for SMARTBoard lesson ideas. Enjoy!

Elementary Resources:

Middle School Resources: 

High School Resources:

Variety of lessons for all grade levels:

Here are some other resources shared with me by Naomi Harm (some of you may remember her from the Joint Inservice), check these out as well!

AIM Your Projects with Flash:
A Math Dictionary:
Birmingham Grid for Learning:,index&zs=n
Ed Compass:
Eduscapes- SMART Boards in the Classroom:
Interactive Internet Resources:
Interactive Resources:
Internet 4 Classrooms:
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives:
Scholastic Interactive Whiteboard Resources:
SMART Board Lounge:
SMART Board Resources- Large Collection:
SMART Board Technology Integration:
SMART Exchange:
SMART Board Use:
United States Map Game:


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