What you’ve wanted….

You may be wondering what I am talking about.  This is  something that many of you have asked about and wished that you could do. Have I built the suspense enough yet????

While doing some SMARTBoard training with some of our new teachers today, our new elementary Spanish teacher Jordan shared two fantastic tips with me. 

The first tip – many of you have wondered if there is a way to keep a projection on the SMARTBoard while you do something else on the computer.  There is! By using your small white remote you can push the freeze button twice so up in the upper right hand corner the word “freeze” will stay there and keep whatever you had on your projection up.

The second tip – to help in our effort to save bulbs instead of having to turn on and off your projector all the time you can again use your small white remote and push the AV Mute button and it will put your projector into a sleep mode that quickly turn on and off when you need it to.

Thanks Jordan for the great tips – I know many people who will be super excited about this!


One thought on “What you’ve wanted….

  1. I love the AV Mute button idea! I could have used this tip this morning, but I definitely will this afternoon. ¡Gracias Jordan!

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