Going Google

With our migration to Google I am dedicating this blog post to some Google how-to!


Some people have been wondering about how to add a signature to their email.  If you are logged into your google account, click on the wheel or sprocket icon and go to settings.

Then in the general tab if you scroll down you will see a place for your signature.  Here you will also find ways to personalize your inbox and set your vacation reminders.

Signing into multiple accounts

This may not be a big deal at work, but can be very useful at home if you have a gmail account.  With gmail you can be signed into both accounts at one time.  This saves you the hassle of logging into one, logging out, and then logging into the other.  Here are the steps:

First, in the upper right hand corner click on where it shows that you are signed in.  Then  click on account settings. From there you will see something that says “sign into multiple accounts” it is defaulted to off.

Click on “edit” and then you will need to select the option to sign into multiple accounts.  You will need to check each of the boxes before you can click save.

From that point on when you click on your login in the upper right hand corner you will see an option to “switch accounts”.

You can always check what account you are logged into by looking in the upper right hand corner.

Hope you enjoy these tidbits!


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