Day 4 – Groups

Here is an oldie but a goodie – email groups.

Email groups just make life that much easier.  These groups are easy to create and edit.  Follow the steps below:

1. In the upper left hand corner click on the word Mail and pull down to select contacts


2.  On the left hand side of the screen select New Group


3. A pop up box will appear, here is where you can name your group


4. Once you have clicked OK and created your group, look back on the left hand side and find the group you created. Then click on it.


5. Then on the top middle click on the button with a person and a + sign


6. Start typing a person’s name to add to your group. If they are already in your address book their name should pop up.  If they are not in your address book you can enter their email address.


7. Then click add.  You can continue to do this for all the members of your group.

Now, if you are like me then sometimes you may make a mistake and need to remove someone from a group.  Simply click on the group, then check the box in front of the person’s name. Click on the Group button and then uncheck the group you want to remove the person from and click apply.  Your group will automatically update.


Now that you have your groups created you can simply start typing the group name in your To box of your email and that group will appear!


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