Day 11 – Organizing your home

Organizing your home? Don’t confuse this with your own personal space. I am talking about your Home area in Google Docs/Drive.  One of the complaints that I have heard is that the Home area looks cluttered and people want to get rid of the documents that hang out there.  Now there is an easy way to do just that.

Simply check the box next to the document in and then from the More button select “Don’t Show in Home”


The document will disappear from your Home area.  If you had the document saved in a collection, it will appear there.


If your document was not in a collection you can always search for it by using the search bar.


Because it is not in your Home area anymore, simply get rid of Home in the search bar before you search to search in all documents.


Using the Don’t Show in Home option along with creating Collections for you documents will help to keep your Google Documents organized and easy to use!



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