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A little of this, a little of that

This week I wanted to do a little something for the elementary folks and a little something for the middle/high folks. 

Starting with the primary grades, I have to think Gena for refreshing my memory about this website – abcya! is where education and technology meet.  There are a ton of cool educational games for K-5 students.  There are some ads that scroll along the side of the page; so if you use this website on your SMARTBoard you may want to use the spotlight feature to hide the ads.  I definitely think this is ‘must add’ to your teacher website!

Middle and High School folks – don’t think I forgot about you. I added a new page just for you (ok, and everyone else) on my blog. There is now a link called, “Quick Reads for Busy Teachers” here I have started to add some great quick reads about incorporating technology into your classroom.  If you haven’t checked out the article called, “A New Way to Lecture” you definitely should.