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11/15 New and Notables – LearnZillion

This week’s New and Notables features LearnZillion.  LearnZillion features high quality lessons you can use for free by signing up for a free account . As I was exploring the site for the first time, I felt like LearnZillion was where the Khan Academy meets the Common Core.

There are short videos that demonstrate a skill in Math or ELA and give an example problems.  A narrators takes you through the video explaining the process to solve the problem.  You can either watch the videos or download the slide to use in your classroom.  You can star lessons to make them as your favorite so you can easily find them the next time you are looking. You can search by grade level, domain, standard, or keyword.  My FAVORITE part of LearnZillion was the page entitled “Common Core” where you can actually click on the grade and band of the specific skill that you want to find resources for.

By click on the grade band you will find specific lessons for each standard and folders with lessons.

LearnZillion can be a great resource for reteaching concepts in the classroom.  They continue to add new content every day; so if what you are looking for is not there today, check back tomorrow!