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Draw a Stickman

During a team meeting recently Zach S. told me about this website called, Draw a Stickman (http://www.drawastickman.com/). After checking out the website I could see why Zach thought it was so great.  Draw a Stickman is a site where you have to literally draw a stickman and follow the directions given to you.  It becomes an interactive tale with a hero, a villain, and a cool story.  

How can it be used in the classroom? It is a great way to start a story and students can fill in details, vivid verbs, adjectives, etc. to tell the story.  Students can focus on pinpointing parts of a story such as characters, details, setting, moral, etc. I think it allows for a lot of flexibility and creativity for students with the story.  It is definitely worth checking out!

Word Tamer

I know I have been absent from my blog for a while but not to worry I am back!

This week I have a fantastic website for you that could be used in a computer lab, in small or large group instruction on the SMARTBoard, or just for fun. Word Tamer is an interactive flash-based tool is great for the SMARTBoard. It helps students develop characters and construct plots. The graphics are incredible and many parts are narrated, making the site very user-friendly. It is definitely worth checking out!


Words, words, and more words!

This week Jessica B. sent me a site that was introduced to her by Tom S.  The site is free online rhyming dictionary.  It is a great tool to help them when they are stumped on rhyming words.   Jessica used it when she had her World Literature students write their own Canterbury Tales using couplets which can be pretty difficult for students. Tom used it when students were struggling writing poetry on elements in Chemistry. 

Another great word site is  Wordnik when you type in a word you will get the definition (from multiple sources), examples, photos, thesaurus, etymology, pronunciation, some statistics about the word, and phrases containing the word.  They have other features like the word of the day and random words as well.