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ECB and PBS Learning Media

The ECB (Educational Communications Board) has just shared with Wisconsin schools a great new resource it has to offer – PBS Learning Media.  This site is a destination for easy, instant access to thousands of classroom-ready, digital resources including videos and interactives perfect for the SMARTBoard, plus audio and photos, and even in-depth lesson plans for all subject areas and grade levels.  The PBS Learning Media site also partners with other great organizations like The Library of Congress, National Archives, NOVA, The Electric Company, and many others.  Check it out and add it to your list of favorite websites!

SMART Resources

Need a winter SMART pick me up???  Today I wanted to share with you some SMARTBoard resources that I have come across.

  • Teaching with Smartboard – I have been listening and watching these podcasts that are FREE through iTunes.  I also have visited their website and found great resources in the podcasts that show me advanced features on the SMARTBoard. I also love the resources where they have templates and special gallery items to download.
  • Tierney Brothers (our supplier for many SMART products) has began to offer FREE tutorial videos on different SMART products.  I love the videos because you have a screen shot to see exactly what you are learning! Some of these videos are for cost, but I have taken advantage of the FREE videos!
  • SMART and You Tube – SMART Technologies has started to offer user-generated and SMART-created videos of SMART’s products in a variety of learning environments on their very own You Tube Channel. Visit this site frequently to see the latest how-to videos with all items SMART related.
  • Tierney Brothers and You Tube – Tierney Brothers has also jumped on the bandwagon and posted many of their videos on You Tube. Mark it in your favorites, delicious, or other bookmarking site.

Word Tamer

I know I have been absent from my blog for a while but not to worry I am back!

This week I have a fantastic website for you that could be used in a computer lab, in small or large group instruction on the SMARTBoard, or just for fun. Word Tamer is an interactive flash-based tool is great for the SMARTBoard. It helps students develop characters and construct plots. The graphics are incredible and many parts are narrated, making the site very user-friendly. It is definitely worth checking out!


SMARTBoard – did you know???

As I have been planning my lessons this school year I have stumbled across a few a-ha’s when creating lessons.  I wanted to share with you some of my favorite.

1. SMART Exchange – I know many of us know about this already but did you know that you can filter your searching by 3D lessons, manipulatives, math, etc. ? You can find this option on the left hand side of the screen.  *Just a reminder too – SMART Exchange now requires a login, you can create your own for free on the site.

2. Did you know that you can combine slide from two different SMARTBoard lessons into one?  I have been using this feature when I find a lesson I like on the SMART Exchange but want to use just a couple of slides from it in my own lesson.  Here are the steps:
– Open the first lesson and then minimize it
– Open the second lesson and “restore down” the lesson (that’ s the button next to the close (red X) in your browser.
– Then open lesson 1 and “restore down” so you can see each lesson side by side.
– Drag the slides from one lesson to another

Are you a visual learner? Watch a video of how it’s done.

3. Did yo know that in SMART Exchange, if you search by file type you will see “manipulatives” – here there a couple I would recommend you download.  First the SMART Speller and Number Crunchers. These are awesome manipulatives for your students to use on the SMARTBoard.

So, what I want to know is what is the a-ha you’ve had? I’d love to hear what you have found that has made life just a little easier.

What you’ve wanted….

You may be wondering what I am talking about.  This is  something that many of you have asked about and wished that you could do. Have I built the suspense enough yet????

While doing some SMARTBoard training with some of our new teachers today, our new elementary Spanish teacher Jordan shared two fantastic tips with me. 

The first tip – many of you have wondered if there is a way to keep a projection on the SMARTBoard while you do something else on the computer.  There is! By using your small white remote you can push the freeze button twice so up in the upper right hand corner the word “freeze” will stay there and keep whatever you had on your projection up.

The second tip – to help in our effort to save bulbs instead of having to turn on and off your projector all the time you can again use your small white remote and push the AV Mute button and it will put your projector into a sleep mode that quickly turn on and off when you need it to.

Thanks Jordan for the great tips – I know many people who will be super excited about this!

More Smartboard Resources…

You’ve asked and now I’ll share…

Many people have asked, “What other good sites are out there for SMARTBoard resources besides the SMART Exchange?”  I’ve scoured the web, talked to tech people in my professional networks, and have complied some great websites to check out for SMARTBoard lesson ideas. Enjoy!

Elementary Resources:

Middle School Resources: 

High School Resources:

Variety of lessons for all grade levels:

Here are some other resources shared with me by Naomi Harm (some of you may remember her from the Joint Inservice), check these out as well!

AIM Your Projects with Flash: http://eduscapes.com/flash/explore.htm
A Math Dictionary: http://www.amathsdictionaryforkids.com
Birmingham Grid for Learning: http://www.bgfl.org/bgfl/15.cfm?s=15&p=243,index&zs=n
Ed Compass: http://www.education.smarttech.com/ste/en-US/Ed+Resource/Lesson+activities/default.htm
EdHeads: http://www.edheads.org
Eduscapes- SMART Boards in the Classroom: http://eduscapes.com/sessions/smartboard
Interactive Internet Resources: http://www1.center.k12.mo.us/edtech/resources/SBsites.htm
Interactive Resources: http://www.globalclassroom.org/ecell00/javamath.html
Internet 4 Classrooms: http://www.internet4classrooms.com/smart_board.htm
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives: http://nlvm.usu.edu
Scholastic Interactive Whiteboard Resources: http://www.scholastic.com/interactivewhiteboards
SMART Board Lounge: http://www.smartboardlounge.com
SMART Board Resources- Large Collection: http://faculty.usiouxfalls.edu/arpeterson/smartboard.htm
SMART Board Technology Integration: http://its.leesummit.k12.mo.us/smartboard.htm
SMART Exchange: http://exchange.smarttech.com/index.html
SMART Board Use: http://www.ecarter.k12.mo.us/dept/elementary/fourthgrade/ccrites/etipslesson1.html
Thinkfinity: http://www.thinkfinity.org
United States Map Game: http://www.pibmug.com/files/map_test.swf

SMARTboard templates

I found this resource online and thought it was something I must share with all of the SMARTBoard users in the district.  This is a SMARTBoard  template website sponsored by the Center School District in Missouri.  There are tons of SMART lessons for all grades PK-12.  Check it out I think everyone will be able to find something that they can use in their classrooms.

They also recommend these interactive websites and have a great brochure about how to integrate SMARTBoards into all curriculum areas.

Now Starring…

This is for all of the SMARTBoard users out there.  If you haven’t discovered the spotlight feature in the notebook software you should check it out.  It can help to focus on one particular part of the screen or website you are using.  You can even tap into your creative side and change the shape and size of the spotlight.  This is a great idea for some of the great websites that have ads flashing all over to distract students. 

To access the spotlight there are a couple of different options –
1.  When the Welcome Center opens, click on Tools, and select spotlight

2.  In the icon tray in the bottom right hand corner, right-click on the SMARTBoard icon, and then select spotlight.

Once the spotlight is open you can change the size by dragging on the blue lines. 

You can also change the shape and transparency by clicking on the grey arrow near the spotlight icon.


The spotlight can be the star of your classroom by highlighting what you want your students to focus on!

A Little Something for Everyone

Today I have a little something for everyone, at least that is my goal. Before I begin though, I need to thank Tracy B for bringing a great resource to my attention (and now to yours!). Super Teacher Tools is a website full of quick and easy technology tools to use.  There are some awesome interactives that would be great on a SMARTBoard and great review games for anyone to use.  Thanks Tracy for sharing!

Also this week, I wanted to bring your attention back to my wiki.  This is conveniently found linked off of our website under Staff Resources or at http://mishicotteachers.pbworks.com/.  I added a couple of new sections in the last week for Language Arts, Social Studies, and Educational Games.  I have found so many great resources that these areas just needed their own place to live.  I will continue to update this wiki as I find more resources.

Finally, thanks for the comments – I personally get a little excited every time one appears and love the discussion I am hearing!

SMARTBoard Group Generator

This weeks post is thanks to Jenny K.  She stopped me the other day and asked me a question about a feature in the SMARTBoard gallery, the random image group generator.  Holy cow – I never even knew this existed and it is super cool!  In the gallery if you do a search for a random group generator and look in the interactives folder this tool will appear.  There are two options.  Option 1 is the random group generator.  You type in the names of your students and then select how many group you would like.  

Hit the generate button and the groups will be selected for you. 

Oh, but that is not the coolest part… Jenny was asking me about the random group image generator where you can put your students pictures and then create groups.  This is awesome for our early learners! I even tried it out. 

Hit generate and you have groups!

To add the pictures to the generator, I first added the generator to a blank page.  I then created a second blank page and inserted the pictures by going to Insert, then picture file.  I could then take those pictures from page two and drag them onto the generator on page one.  When they are over one of the blank squares, the square will turn yellow and ‘suck in’ the picture. 

So how cool is this!?! You can create this once and save the file, then pull it up whenever you need a group in your classroom.  You can continue to generator all different combinations of groups. Thanks for sharing this Jenny!