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SMART Resources

Need a winter SMART pick me up???  Today I wanted to share with you some SMARTBoard resources that I have come across.

  • Teaching with Smartboard – I have been listening and watching these podcasts that are FREE through iTunes.  I also have visited their website and found great resources in the podcasts that show me advanced features on the SMARTBoard. I also love the resources where they have templates and special gallery items to download.
  • Tierney Brothers (our supplier for many SMART products) has began to offer FREE tutorial videos on different SMART products.  I love the videos because you have a screen shot to see exactly what you are learning! Some of these videos are for cost, but I have taken advantage of the FREE videos!
  • SMART and You Tube – SMART Technologies has started to offer user-generated and SMART-created videos of SMART’s products in a variety of learning environments on their very own You Tube Channel. Visit this site frequently to see the latest how-to videos with all items SMART related.
  • Tierney Brothers and You Tube – Tierney Brothers has also jumped on the bandwagon and posted many of their videos on You Tube. Mark it in your favorites, delicious, or other bookmarking site.