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Popplet is a website that combines the best of online sticky note services like Wallwisher with collaborative mind mapping functions. Popplet allows you to create a wall of multimedia sticky notes that you can share with others. Your stickies can include videos and images that you pull from other online services. You can also upload media from your desktop to your sticky notes.

Bringing it back…

Today I want to bring back a website that many of you may know about but I think it is so fabulous I want to refresh your memory.   Wallwisher is a website that you pose a question and others respond on “sticky notes” on the page.  Participants can even add photos or videos to their sticky notes.  The thing that I love about this website is that all sticky notes have to be approved.  These sticky notes can then be moved around and organized in a variety of ways.  I immediate thought this would be great on the SMARTBoard and a cool way for students to respond to a topic.  The students are given the website and no login on their part is required.  As a teacher all you need to do is register… for free! Give it a try in your class and let me know what you think. Make sure to click “like” below if you love this as much as I do. Enjoy!