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You Tube must haves

Admit it. You’ve experienced or feared it.  That sick, nervous feeling. You know the one.

You found the perfect You Tube video but you never know what will show up alongside the video, cue up next, or show up in the comments.   No need to worry. I have the perfect You Tube must-haves for you.

Quietube – this extension allows you to watch You Tube videos without the comments or any of the extras.  Check out this sample.  Quietube is easy to use – just drag the button onto your bookmark bar. When you find the perfect You Tube video, simply click on the quietube button and you will be directed to a new URL that you can show your audience and be worry free! The video will also begin downloading and not play automatically so you don’t have to wait for any buffering.

TubeChop – this is my favorite tool if I only need to show a small part of a You Tube clip.  Just paste in the URL of the You Tube video and hit search, the video will appear.  Then you  can drag the sliders to “chop” the portion of the video you want and use the chop it button.  You can then choose the new URL to the chopped video or an embedding link.  Check out my sample here.

KeepVid – this site works a lot like the quietube button.  Add the button to your bookmarks bar, find a You Tube video you like, and click on the Keep It! button.  You will be prompted to a new page where you can pick a format to download the video.  Selecting the MP4 option will allow you to play this video back on your computer.