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Assessing Digital Projects

I have to admit something.  I’m guilty. Even as an educator that is passionate about technology, there are many times when I assign a project using technology and  I don’t really assess the technology.  I  have no problem assessing the content, but often forget the technical elements. I have had the conversations with teachers about the importance of assessment of digital projects and the importance of including technical elements beyond “did it look nice?”.  So I have been working to make it a priority that when I give my students projects that involve technology I include components that assess the technical elements or skills the students use.  Today I found this great site from UW-Stout, Rubrics for Assessment webpage.  This page contains collections of rubrics created for a variety of digital projects.  You can find rubrics for podcasts and PowerPoints to web 2.0 tools to oral presentations and much more.  This is a great site to gain ideas for how to assess your students’ digital work. I hope you find it as useful as I have.