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In one of my techie magazine this week (Tech & Learning) I read this quote, “We do not think that technology is going to replace teachers; we think it’s going to make teachers much more powerful.”  Think about that for a minute. I completely agree and seeing what our teachers are doing in Mishicot with technology only reaffirms that for me – keep up the great work folks!

Now, onto my post of the week.  High school teachers you may have gotten a preview of this in Mr. Walters’ Friday Focus last week, but for the rest of you I want to share a quick story.  Last week Mr. Walters contacted me and asked me if I ever heard of a Prezi, I told him yes, and he told me that he saw it at a conference and thought it looked pretty cool.  The next day he told me he saw one of his Language Arts teachers using it.  The following day he told me he saw one of his Social Studies teachers using it.  Pretty awesome if you ask me.  So, if you haven’t checked out Prezi you definitely should.  It is a new way to create a PowerPoint.  I like it because it makes the presentation more visually appealing and relies more on short text and pictures.  As a teacher, I love that fact that there is no more listening to a student read off of their PowerPoint.  Kudos to the high school staff (and Mr. Walters) on already getting the word out about Prezi!