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Current Events and JFK Library

Want to catch up on your current events and don’t want to just read the Herald Times Reporter or Green Bay Press Gazette?  Then check out the Newseum.  This website shared with me by Dawn K. has front pages of papers from all over the world.  This would be a great site to show different perspectives on  same world events.   

That not enough Social Studies for you? Then check out the JFK Library where you can search through tons of digital artifacts and historical documents.  My favorite part? There are oral history recounts of famous events, such as the Bay of Pigs invasion.

National Archives

This week’s blog post is brought to you with special help from Jen W. who shared this with me.  In her words, “I stumbled upon this yesterday and WOW, it’s awesome.  It would be great for elementary teachers and getting those students to learn how use and understand history.”  If you know Jen, you know she is very passionate about history! 🙂

So, I checked it out and Jen was right – it is FANTASTIC! The National Archives website helps to “turn your students into historians with primary-source based activities that develop historical thinking skills.” The activities are easy and  ready to use in your classroom. You can login in to borrow from an even larger selection from fellow educators.


Check it out – let me know what you think and especially let Jen know what you think -thanks for sharing your passion Jen!